How to Decorate Your Bathroom Like a Floral Designer

Bathrooms are like living rooms on the go. They are the perfect place to unwind and refresh between getting ready for your big day and catching a break from a busy schedule. But, since they’re usually small-a bit or tight- they’re also hard to decorate, especially if you’re trying to avoid spending any of your hard-earned cash. That’s why many people DIY their bathroom with their most natural-ingredient accent pieces. 

The two most important design elements of a bathroom

Most people don’t realize that design elements like colors, styles, and textures can make or break their bathroom or shower. Behind your vanity mirror are the two most important design elements in your spa – lights and faucets. They’re also straightforward to change, so if you don’t like what you see, turning up the lights until it’s morning time will provide a brand new look for spring.

 Floral design is the latest trend in bathroom décor. The two most important design elements for a bathroom are style and color. A floral bed can also be a cool splash of color in a minimalist or casual setting. There are many ways to achieve this look without being overbearing or cheesy, so you should take your time deciding on every single detail.

Five main types of floral design

Floral designs in bathrooms make it feel like you’re in a flower-filled field. Five primary floral arrangements are used when decorating a bathroom: Flowers, greenery, wallpaper, sculpture, and painting.

 Your bathroom is one of the best places to freshen up in the morning. Whether you’re the type to bath yourself, take a long shower, or use an aromatherapy diffuser, spending just five minutes before or after breakfast with your eyes closed and letting the floral scents seep into your nose and lungs can affect how you feel that day. People have used many different types of flowers as living decorations throughout history, from carnations to roses, lilies, and peonies. However, specific characteristics define each flower according to its genus.

Creating a color palette

Starting with your bath space, pick out two different shades of the same color (in this case, I’ll use lavender and purple). You will want one light and one dark. Combining these so that the hue ranges from pastel to balance those two hues while still being complementary is essential!

 If you’re redecorating your bathroom, creative colors can make a world of difference in creating the mood that you want. However, with so many colors available, it can be overwhelming if you don’t know what colors to choose or precisely what your goal is. Some nicer-looking examples are easy enough to find but may be too extravagant for your taste. For example, blue and pink flowers will go well with a bright white bathroom.

Design by Papia

Designing a room using color trends

You may be interested in incorporating color trends into your bathroom or any other room for that matter. A look at the world of color would be helpful before putting ideas into action. One popular trend in the world of color is floral design, which is often a form of an optical illusion due to its complexity and vast selection of colors.

 One of the gorgeous ways to decorate your room is through various color trends. Using these trendy colors can make the space look different and unique. Stick with an accent color to tie the room’s theme together rather than drenching it in a palette of colors. Adding accessories, like artwork pipes or small figurines, is another fun way to mix different items.

Understanding and pronouncing color names

One of the biggest challenges when decorating your bathroom is finding ways to involve color. There are so many colors to choose from, and it’s hard to decide on just one that may go well in a room. 

There are easy-to tools available for choosing colors, such as Pantone, RGB, and Hexadecimal, to make things easier. However, you’ll have to frequently decipher what this elaborate wording means to know exactly what you’re buying. So here are some color names common throughout the blog that will help you pick out the closest color match: Light in the middle of the scale and has a warm love place. This one is good for open spaces with bright colors.

Design by Papia

White: This is a bright white color. Like snow, it has a way of coordinating with any other room design as long as the space is big enough!

Gray: Allow this light color with a dark shed on the walls to make up for the crisp look it produces. It creates a calming objective on  the eye to add more convenience and space. Black – This dark color works well in wide-open spaces too! 

Orange: This color is best used in large spaces that go on forever, like dens and recreation areas. BOGO Stand  (Usually only used in non-retail stores AND a Magazine ) – This BOGO stand is always effective because of its small size. All you have to lose is your money, and this stuff makes  people smile so much. FYI:  The medium-sized BOGO stand is best for adjusting traffic flow of foot traffic. 

Collecting magazine pages and creating your own fabric designs

If you love looking at blooming flowers, you might be interested in how to decorate your bathroom like a floral designer. You can turn old magazines into chunky patterns or colorful fabrics. Keep in mind that creating your own personal fabric designs does require some smaller materials that aren’t always free, but they’re easy to find on the internet.

DIY décor tutorials

Whether in a private setting or with friends, making your bedroom’s bathroom more unique and artistic is easy. One of the easiest and most effective ways is to decorate with these DIY décor tutorials that use ordinary items in every bathroom. Fruity arrangements are set up on slanted trays, vases, and even bottles of multi-colored vinegar.

How To Add Coziness to Your Bathroom

Here are a few design elements that can make your bathroom feel more like home:

– Floral wallpaper

– Towel racks with multiple shelves and deep shelves. Many options are available at IKEA and Pottery Barn.

– A landing skid 

– A canopy bed

Design by Papia

Adding pops of color to your space

White bathroom paint is to be avoided! Try adding pops of color to your space by painting the walls or shower linoleum. Or create a cool “Floral Designer” look for your bathroom with floral art and wall sconces.

 If you ever wanted to try out different colors within your bathroom without breaking the bank, start by adding pops of color. This doesn’t necessarily have to mean painting your space in a rainbow of colors, but it can also be much more straightforward: paint a dresser white and leave an accent wall with just one tone. With the use of accessories that keep things looking organized on shelves and medicine cabinets, you’ll love seeing how easy it is to add some unique design elements to your home!

Discover your Own Style

Draw inspiration from famous floral designers, or sign up for classes to learn the latest trends for your own design to come up with a contemporary and original look.

 Bathroom design can be daunting, with multiple options and dozens of appealing colors to consider. But before you run to the store or grab paint swatches to find your perfect shade, have a look at these simple guidelines for what colors to use in which areas of your bathroom.

 So, you want to decorate your bathroom like a floral designer. You want all of your favorite flowers to live in the same space. We know, who doesn’t? Now’s our chance to explore that magical yet strange place – the human body! Your bathroom can easily be adorned with paint, paper, and, most importantly, plants.


This blog has outlined a few steps that you can take to make your bathroom look great. The most important thing is to pick a theme and work with it. For example, if you have animals in your home, you could have a garden theme or a more earthy feel. Some key ingredients, like candles, will bring life to the room.

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