Modern living room

Trimming or designing a modern living room can be daunting without a well-planned floor. Browse some inspirational ideas for modern living room renovations.

The modern living room is relaxing, entertaining, and conversing because I spend most of the time there. So, it has to be cozy and have a well-planned layout. To create the living room’s interior, we must focus on the furniture layout and floor plan dimensions that an artisan or an interior architect will create.

Key points:

  • This living room plan dimension is 460 sq. ft.
  • Software Used: Autodesk 3ds Max + Corona Render
  • Visualization of rendering is 4K
  • Use the compact material editor.
  • Focused on space management
  • Visualization of rendering is being done part by part.

Note—These measuring units comprise an eco-friendly space management system (2D plan maintained). There, measuring units are assembled as LENGTH x WIDTH x HEIGHT (feet-inches). You can ask me anytime if you have any questions about measuring units.

For decorating the living room, you have to choose or buy some interior appliances that furniture may find in various shops—based on this modern living room, I am going to suggest a  few devices as an Interior Architect.

Make sure furniture layout measurements and elevation are accurate. Alongside this, I have to focus on the mood board to specify the color choice of rooms.

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