Mid century modern living room

The mid-century living room style was famous during the 1940s because of its high functionality. Nowadays, it is also popular as a unique interior design concern. Browse through some mid-century modern living rooms.

The mid-century modern living room is quite pricey because modern architecture emphasizes flat roofs, angular details, and asymmetrical profiles. Expansive walls of glass, clean lines, and wide-open floor plans were also trademarks of this residential-style

Mid-century modern living room
Design by Papia

Key points –

  • This living room plan dimension is 450 sq. ft.
  • Software Used: Autodesk 3ds Max + Corona Render
  • Visualization of rendering is 4K
  • Use the compact material editor
  • Focused on space management
  • Visualization of rendering is being done part by part.

Note –These measuring units are fabricated using eco-friendly space management systems (2D plan maintained). They are assembled as LENGTH x WIDTH x HEIGHT (feet-inches). You can ask me anytime if you have any questions about measuring units. Thank you.

Mid-century modern living room
Mid-century modern living room

Here are some living room appliances for you to choose from. You can find them in various markets, and based on this modern living room, I would recommend these as a good choice.

Make sure the measurements of furniture and elevation are accurate. Accompanying the consideration of colors, a mood board can stipulate the best color choice for a living room. Mid-century modern belongs to armchairs to ensure charming interior design.

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