Scandinavian living room utilize your space

The minimalist Scandinavian living room is uncluttered, open, and inviting. It emphasizes the function of furniture so that you can have the best quality living room.

The basic materials popular in Scandinavian decoration are wood, woven fabric, wool, and fur. Scandinavian countries have cold winters, so having wool or hair to stay warm is essential. Post-war, in the 1950s, modern design became dominant in the US and Europe.

Scandinavian living room
Design by Papia

Scandinavian living room furniture emphasizes simple lines of vertical and horizontal shapes and curves, making it soft and sophisticated.

Monochrome colors are the prominent colors used in the Scandinavian style. White walls are convenient because they make the space bright and clean. Scandinavian furniture is utilized in White, grey, blue, black, and cream colors.

Scandinavian Designs focuses on budget-friendly value in their furniture, with wooden options offering solid construction. Some of their products feature fiberboard and high-quality wooden veneer.

Scandinavian living room
Scandinavian living room

Note â€“These measuring units comprise eco-friendly space management systems (2D plan maintained). There, measuring units are assembled as respectively LENGTH x WIDTH x HEIGHT (feet-inches). You can ask me if you have any quarry-containing units. Thank-you.

Key points: 

  • Software Used: Autodesk 3ds Max + Corona Render
  • Visualization of rendering is 4K
  • Use the compact material editor
  • Focused on space management
  • Visualization of rendering is being divided into part
  • This living room plan dimension is 350 sq. ft.

You can choose or buy interior appliances in different shops to decorate your living room. I suggest a few pieces of furniture based on this modern living room as an example.

Make sure your furniture measurements and elevation are accurate. Moodboards help to specify the color choice of rooms.

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